Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

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Debi Bishop E+

Yesterday my daughter, grandchildren and I traveled ninety-five miles to worship God. Jake Hamilton was leading worship in a church in Ardmore, Oklahoma. It rocked! That’s right. Church can both be fun and spiritually nourishing.

It was comforting to be among other believers. Individuals hungry for Jesus. Who have purposed in their hearts to make a difference in both the earthly and supernatural realms. Eliciting admiration and authority from the Kingdom of Life and fear and submission from the kingdom of death.

I will not apologize for being madly in love with Jesus. His tender love assures me I am unconditionally loved. His ferocious love assures me no harm will come to me as long as I remain within His arms of protection.

Jesus may have come to earth as a baby and suckled at Mary’s breast, but He grew into a spiritually mature, courageous and powerful man. Whose heart was soft as silk AND strong as steel.

Taking a bullwhip to those who had defiled the temple with commercialism and seeker friendly obedience. Boldly confronting the Pharisees for their hardened hearts and religious rituals. Individuals more concerned with image than intimacy with Almighty God. Whose primary motive for good works was personal glorification. Something that is all too common in the American church today.

The American church is suffering from Christianity anemia. She is functioning more as an institution— a business than the hands and feet of Jesus. No longer considered by many to be honorable or worthy of admiration.

She has forgotten that Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted not to create a religion. Abandoning her heavenly mandate to be Jesus to a dying world. A Jesus who never

  • judged or condemned unbelievers but walked alongside them. Loving them into repentance.
  • berated or slandered others to justify a spiritual stance.
  • patted Himself on the back or took credit for His miraculous acts. Always giving God the glory.
  • lived a lavish lifestyle while His followers lived in squalor.

This is the Jesus Americans want to see. Not the Jesus made in man’s image.

Jesus is returning for a beautiful bride–His Church. Granted, what we see today is not pretty, but I am more convinced than ever there is change on the horizon. There is a growing remnant of Christians who

  • say no to religion and yes to relationship.
  • spend time with the Lord, not because of duty but love.
  • know who they are in Christ.
  • do more than pray and study. They walk the talk. Being the hands and feet of Jesus.
  • do not apologize for being lovers of Christ.

Last night Jake Hamilton said, “#sorrynotsorry”, and my heart skipped a beat. As a believer I am sorry that the forgiveness of my sin necessitated the torturous death of the lover of my soul— Jesus. But I am NOT SORRY for loving Jesus and being His follower. A follower who refuses to sit idly by while this world goes to hell.

Be a VOICE in the deafening sound of sameness!


Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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