Love one another as Jesus has loved us.




Weakness is an attribute few willingly embrace. Preferring strength and self-reliance to submission and servanthood.

But in the Kingdom of God you must willing embrace weakness. Acknowledge the fragility and impotence of man.

Why is weakness strength in God’s Kingdom?

Only in the absence of arrogance, conceit and self-importance can you be reborn. Your “living death” births eternal life— a life in Christ.

The disciple Peter eventually allowed Christ to be Lord and Master of his life. No longer fearing man. Peter boldly stood before the crowd on the day of Pentecost. Unashamedly declaring.

Now listen to what I have to say about Jesus from Nazareth. God proved that He sent Jesus to you by having Him work miracles, wonders and signs. All of you know this.

God had already planned and decided that Jesus would be handed over to you. So you took Him, and had evil men put Him to death on a cross. But God set Him free from death and raised Him to life. Death could not hold Him in its power.

Turn back to God! Be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ so that your sins will be forgiven. Then you will be given the Holy Spirit. This promise is for you and your children. It is for everyone our Lord God will choose. No matter where they live. I beg you to save yourselves from what will happen to all these evil people. Acts 2:22-24 and 38-41 

Why was Peter’s message so powerful?

It was Truth— Jesus.

Hanging on the cross. Conquering death through His resurrection.

One day abolishing death forever.

Denying no one the opportunity to repent and be baptized into the family of God.

Transforming anyone who calls upon the His name and believes He is truth.

How you lost your way? Longing to be faithful but are weak and unrepentant?

How can you become a mighty woman or man of God? It is back to the basics.

Believe God is a god of…

Excellence— not satisfied with the status quo, mediocrity.

Relationship— authentic intimacy, not religion or rituals.

Holiness— mandatory obedience to His code of conduct.

Trustworthiness— His Word is infallible and relevant.

Vision— uses the prophetic to prepare His Church for Christ’s return.

Transformation— becoming a disciple of Jesus is not an option.

Sovereignty— His Kingdom is to reign outside the four walls of a local church.


Can no longer be enslaved by politically correct, humanistic or hypocritical religious doctrine.

Cannot tolerate, minimize or accept evil.

Must passionately, boldly and lovingly restore God’s creation through their holiness.

Must worship God 24-7 by proclaiming, “What’s mine is Yours. Use it for your Divine purposes.”

Christians who are the Church— God’s agent of change.



Be a VOICE of change!



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It’s been two weeks since I finished a 26-day detox. Like most things in my life, my original plan differed from the Lord’s.

Even so, at the end of the journey victor paradigms had been tweaked and strengthened.


Don’t be rigid.

  • The Lord’s plan is tailor made for you.
  • Obey the leading of the Holy Spirit. Listen to His wisdom.
  • Make changes even when it conflicts with expert advice.

Transformation requires sacrifice.

  • Tough choices must be made.
  • Comfort and convenience sacrificed for long-term benefits.
  • Some days you will just need to suck it up and do it.
  • No pity parties.

Be a life long learner.

  • No one person or discipline has all the answers.
  • Incorporate into your life expert advice that will make you victorious. Not set you up for defeat.

Celebrate small successes.

  • Transformation, not perfection is the goal.
  • You must learn to crawl before you can run.

The Lord’s wisdom and my obedience produced life-changing results— physically, psychologically and spiritually.


Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes disappeared.

Glowing skin.

Inflammation and joint stiffness gone.

One dress size smaller.

Increased stamina. Consistent energy level, no ups and downs throughout the day.

More mentally alert.

Improved short-term memory.

Deeper sleep.


Kicked soda, dessert and junk food addictions.

No longer eating food for emotional comfort.

Food is to be savored and enjoyed.

Preparing food is a creative experience.


Deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord.

The Lord’s voice is clearer.

The detox is now a part of my remembrance album. A reminder of the Lord’s love and trustworthiness. Confident He will fulfill this promise.

For I know the plans I have for you. Plans for peace, not evil. To give you a future and hope. Never forget that. At that time you will call out for Me, and I will hear. You will pray, and I will listen. You will look for Me intently, and you will find Me. Yes, I will be found by you. Jeremiah 29:11-14




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