Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

John the Baptist’s “no holds barred” attacks on the unrighteous, including political and religious leaders, didn’t endear him to the unrepentant. But he did attract the attention of those searching for truth. 

Individuals spiritually starving because for more than four hundred years, Papa had been silent. Religious leaders no longer imparting divine revelations, only rules and regulations. No longer sending anointed prophets to His people. Papa’s children were desperate for divine guidance and intervention. 

Like the people in the days of John the Baptist, many in the Church today are starving because the truth of Jesus isn’t being taught. 


Papa’s truth demands holiness, repentance and sacrifice. 

Jesus warns prospective followers. You cannot be My disciple unless you love Me more than you love your father and mother, your wife and children, and your brothers and sisters. You cannot come with Me unless you love Me more than you love your own life. You cannot be My disciple unless you carry your own cross and come with me. So then, you cannot be My disciple unless you give away everything you own.  Luke 14:26-27 and 33

Be a modern day John the Baptist. Live a life of spiritual excellence with boldness and perseverance, regardless the personal cost. 

This same grace teaches us how to live each day as we turn our backs on ungodliness and indulgent lifestyles, and it equips us to live self-controlled, upright, godly lives in this present age. For we continue to look forward to the joyful fulfillment of our hope in the dawning splendor of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus, the Anointed One.

Titus 2:12-13

The Passion Translation

Sea of Galilee
Rita Poynor

This is the year to become a water walker.

Stepping out in faith into the unknown requires confidence in whom Papa says He is— I AM. 

Do you believe I AM…

Is an awesome God who goes before you preparing the way that leads to your Kingdom destiny? 

Is your strength and salvation? 

Will never leave or forsake you? 

Delights in your obedience? 

Is desirous of showering His favor— grace upon you? 

If you can unequivocally say, “Yes!” 

Then you will…

Possess the peace and hope that is not at the mercy of others or the circumstances of life. 

Boldly choose to please Papa more than others. 

Reject anything that contradicts Papa’s truth or is detrimental to the fulfillment of your Kingdom destiny. 

Deprive satan and your flesh the power to control you. 

When your confidence in Papa’s trustworthiness is unconditional, the shackles of worldly desires and attitudes are broken. Safety, security and comfort no longer dominate your decision making process. Focus, passion, courage and perseverance permeate your life. 

Courageously tackle whatever Papa commands, even if it seems impossible or unfamiliar.

There’s nothing to fear. Papa promises to hold your hand.

Jesus: Be still. It is I. You have nothing to fear.

Peter: Lord, if it is really You, then command me to meet You on the water.

Jesus: Indeed, come.

Peter stepped out of the boat onto the water and began walking toward Jesus.

Matthew 14:27-29

 The Voice

Excerpt from What If… Devotional (Volume 1)

What If… Devotional (Volume 1) e-pub

What If… Devotional (Volume 1) pdf

A few months before his assassination in Memphis (April 4, 1968) Dr. King spoke to the staff of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference meeting. Preparing them for the Poor People’s Campaign scheduled for the spring of 1968. This is an excerpt from Dr. King’s last thorough evaluation of “the movement”. It appears Dr. King was embracing a fundamental change of political philosophy. 


I’ve decided that on this question of non-violence I’m going to stand by it. I’m going to love because it’s just lovely to love. I’m going to be non-violent because I believe it is the answer to mankind’s problems. I’m not going to bargain with reality, but I’m going to stand by non-violence in spite of. 

So I say to you that I’ve taken a vow. I, Martin Luther King, take thee, Non-violence, to be my wedded wife, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer. 

This isn’t a bargaining experience— for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. I’m going on in the faith and with that determination. I believe if we maintain faith and then escalate our actions we will be able to go to Washington, and we will be able to create vibrant movement throughout the cities of our country. 

By the thousands we will move, and many will wonder where we are coming from. Our only answer will be that we are coming up out of great trials and tribulations. Some of us will come from Mississippi. Some of us will come from Alabama, some from Chicago, some from Detroit, some from Cleveland, but we will all be coming from the same condition. 

We will be seeking a city whose builder and maker is God. If we will do this, we will be able to turn this nation upside down and right side up. We may just be able to speed up the day when men everywhere will be able to cry out that we are children of God, made in his image. This will be a glorious day. At that moment the morning stars will sing together, and the souls of God will shout for joy.


The Southern Christian Leadership Conference speech in its entirety.



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