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Getty Images John Lund Photographer's Choice

Getty Images
John Lund Photographer’s Choice

Let’s be honest. Transformation at times is both uncomfortable and inconvenient because it

  • threatens both others and your perception of your identity.
  • disrupts the status quo.
  • replaces the familiar with the unknown.
  • forces the honest evaluation of both your strengths and weaknesses.

For these reasons many choose to settle for lives of mediocrity and monotony. But if you are reading this you are not one of those ordinary individuals.


Those seeking transformation soon discover that learning— both formal and informal is integral to the transformational process. Additionally, learning must be life long.

Why is life long learning important?

Life long learning helps you to adapt to change and remain relevant. Globalization and the ever-changing technological, political and financial landscapes require a mind capable of

  • identifying the need— a prerequisite of change.
  • successfully implementing change.
  • participating in stimulating discussions of novel ideas.

Life long learning is your financial insurance policy. It

  • celebrates outside the box— unconventional thinking.
  • opens the door to new and exciting opportunities.
  • enables one to anticipate change before it occurs.
  • boosts your confidence and self-esteem.
  • makes stepping outside of your comfort zone less threatening, even exciting.
  • increases productivity and innovation.

Life long learning enriches your personal life. Recent scientific studies suggest that a challenged, stimulated brain may be the key to a vibrant life because it

  • improves memory.
  • stimulates physical activity.
  • nurtures a positive attitude.
  • enables you to fully develop innate abilities.
  • increases your objectivity of previous successes and failures.
  • strengthens interpersonal relationships.

So you want to be a life long learner? Then you must

  • be self-motivated.
  • maintain a positive attitude.
  • identify the personal and professional benefits.
  • read, listen, observe, practice, and experiment.
  • search for personal meaning in the information being acquire. Both its personal and professional application in your life.
  • routinely re-examine your paradigms.
  • reflect on both your successes and failures.

As life long learning is ingrained into your life. It becomes who you are as much as what you do. Equipping you to positively contribute into every area of your life and also within your circle of influence. No longer an ordinary human being. You are now a difference maker. Someone the world desperately needs.


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Learn something today! Rita

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