Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

GI March for Peace, October 12, 1968.


Us Baby Boomers came of age when traditional values were either rejected or redefined. Nonconformity was at the core of our being. Idealism and optimism permeated our dreams. We were going to change the world. And change the world we did. Peace marches, civil rights protests and bra burnings gave way to an insatiable need for wealth and power. What we had despised in our youth. We worshipped as adults.


Us baby boomers by our sheer number—an estimated 77 million babies born in the United States alone, have dictated for decades what constitutes a life of significance. The result?

  • Ravenous spending spawned by an entitlement mentality.
  • A 50% divorce rate contributing to the disintegration of the family unit.
  • An aging Federal Senate and House of Representatives who no longer serve their constituents but those with the purse strings who can ensure their reelection.
  • Justice and social issues placed on the back burner so that those matters affecting our pocketbook or image can be addressed.

In 1965 The Byrds released the song, Turn Turn Turn. Reminding us baby boomers then and now that every season must end. What was is not what will be.

Let us return to our roots when dancing to a different drummer was encouraged not ridiculed. When social and political justice was more important than our bank accounts. When people weren’t expendable. When love and peace were the cry of our hearts.

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    Make this new year one to be remembered!

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