Love one another as Jesus has loved us.


monikabaechler at pixabay


While traveling to yesteryear

Gratitude engulfs my heart and soul

At last destruction’s gate is closed

Hell’s evil a distant memory


No longer haunted by mistakes

Depression, doubt eternally gone

Lies of the enemy silenced

Shame, regret, guilt forever buried


The narrow gate of grace

Lovingly beckons me to enter

To rest in Papa’s promises

Protection from satan’s wicked schemes


Repenting, confessing my sins

Gladly running into Papa’s arms

It’s time to party, celebrate

This prodigal’s eternal homecoming


Embracing a heart makeover

No longer enslaved to man’s wisdom

Fear of what others think of me trashed

Boldly fighting giants of darkness


Each day an opportunity

To be an earthly vessel of Jesus

Wearing His robe of righteousness

Girding myself with His perfect truth


Resting in His unsurpassed peace

Confidently wielding His faith shield

His word my compass, lie detector

Renovating my mind and life


Emancipated from bondage

No longer enslaved by sin’s chains

Oh the sweet taste of victory

Today and forevermore, amen

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