Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

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The statistics regarding the destructiveness of sex are both shocking and disheartening. What went wrong? Why are Americans engaging in sexual practices that are destructive and unfulfilling?

I believe it boils down to a lack of wholeness (today’s post) and the absence of a moral compass (next Tuesday’s post).

Many use sex to fill the emptiness in their souls. To fix what is broken. To meet the psychological needs of affection and safety that was not met in childhood.

Many as a result of unpredictably receiving love and care or being physically, emotionally  or sexually abused as a child. Now have

  • unfulfilling, distant relationships.
  • poor self-esteem.
  • distrustfulness.
  • feelings of rejection

Add into the mix the mainstream media. Oozing sexual imagery and the objectification of girls and young women.

Brainwashing both males and females into believing a “female” stereotype. Young girls should be feminine, nurturing and sweet. As they age though, girls will find power in their sexiness by making themselves attractive to males. Intertwining a female’s sexual appeal with her identity.

Now you have the perfect storm brewing.

How do you know if someone is broken— lacking wholeness?

Do they

  • need constant reassurance and affection?
  • become jealous for no apparent reason?
  • have difficulty being alone or single?
  • engage in unhealthy or abusive relationships?
  • have trouble trusting people?
  • exhibit irrational, erratic, overly emotional behavior?
  • use rationalizations, excuses to avoid intimacy.

What can be done to stop the sexual tsunami? More on that next Tuesday.

Be the VOICE in the deafening sound of sameness!


Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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