Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Are you in need of spiritual aid for injuries incurred on the battlefield in the war for your soul?  The Trinity is willing to remove destructive and unrighteous paradigms and behaviors that keep you imprisoned, defeated and at the mercy of the enemy and your flesh.  Initially, it may be painful, frightening or intimidating. Removing …

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Fear is rampant today. So how do you find courage when… The entire world is drowning in chaos?  You can’t tell what’s up from what’s down? What was once considered earthquake proof is being shaken into pieces so small that putting them back together is impossible?  Your irrational thoughts are shouting orders, demanding your compliance?  …

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What’s your definition of success?
Like beauty, success is in the eye of the beholder. My criteria for success may differ from yours, and therein lays the problem. Whenever you attempt to define success according to the wisdom of man, it’s continually subject to change and interpretation. This inconsistency leads to confusion and unfulfilled expectations.

Individuals are left in a quandary as to how to conduct their lives.

King Solomon eventually realized that when temporal success is your ultimate goal in life. It can be fueled by ungodly, evil desires.