Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

  Conviction of steel Heart of burnished gold Righteousness always Iron holiness Steadfast, persevere Temperate feelings ***** Lion hearted will Image of Jesus Kind, compassionate Eager repentance ***** Calm and collected Out of this world faith Unconventional Ready for battle Ardent God chaser Gracious modesty Eternal mindset ***** Christ-Like Courage

  In the bible the color orange is symbolic of the fire of God, deliverance, passionate praise.   The season of orange has arrived Others have labored so we can reap A spectacular harvest of souls No other god delivers this way ***** Be patient until coming of Christ Strengthen your hearts in this certainty …

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Day’s darkness, night’s frostiness Confusion, panic Illness, debt, inconvenience Plot their invasion ***** Sly thieves stealing precious time Past, present, future Strength, courage runs for cover Not this once again ***** Haven’t I proven myself Faithful, compliant Why must I suffer, have not My prayers unanswered ***** My child, have you forgotten Testing of your …

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