Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Confusion, self-pity, cowardice  Immersed in icy, hostile memories Wicked, dishonest, selfish choices Suffocating victim mentality  Drowning in the sea of hopelessness Reeling from the enemy’s cruel taunts Accepting as truth his vicious lies Believing weakness, loser defines me Grayness forever colors my world  No escape, no relief, no hope, nothing Devastated, lost, no where to …

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Those times when nothing is going as planned are faith’s building blocks. Life is on cruise control. Yes, there are dips and potholes on the road forcing you to slow down. But you are confident your destiny is up ahead. Spiritually, you’re doing everything you know to do. In fact, your relationship with Papa has …

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  Conviction of steel Heart of burnished gold Righteousness always Iron holiness Steadfast, persevere Temperate feelings ***** Lion hearted will Image of Jesus Kind, compassionate Eager repentance ***** Calm and collected Out of this world faith Unconventional Ready for battle Ardent God chaser Gracious modesty Eternal mindset ***** Christ-Like Courage