Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

What’s your definition of success?
Like beauty, success is in the eye of the beholder. My criteria for success may differ from yours, and therein lays the problem. Whenever you attempt to define success according to the wisdom of man, it’s continually subject to change and interpretation. This inconsistency leads to confusion and unfulfilled expectations.

Individuals are left in a quandary as to how to conduct their lives.

King Solomon eventually realized that when temporal success is your ultimate goal in life. It can be fueled by ungodly, evil desires.

Be disciplined and stay on guard. Your enemy the devil is prowling around outside like a roaring lion. Just waiting and hoping for the chance to devour someone. Resist him and be strong in your faith. Knowing that your brothers and sisters throughout the world are fellow sufferers with you. After you have suffered for a little while. …

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So many of us invest our lives in chasing what others or the culture define worthy of pursuit. Only to discover that what we pursued was unfulfilling or unworthy of the sacrifice. Or in the words of King Solomon a “pursuit of the wind”. The “pursuit of the wind” will increase exponentially at the end …

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