Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

  Jealousy, the green-eyed monster Oozing up from my battered soul Bruised by lack, insecurity Fearing not being good enough ***** Compliments never satisfied Achievements gradually faded Nothing silenced the emptiness Shouting you are a nobody ***** Seeking validation, esteem I chased the American dream Accumulating possessions Knowledge, college degrees, careers ***** Husband’s promotions, gross …

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Friend, foe Peace, war Safe, raped ***** Healthy, cancer Married, divorce Sunshine, flooding ***** Family, loneliness Self-control, addiction Debts repaid, bankruptcy ***** What a difference a day makes   Do not take blessings for granted Praising the gift Giver for all time Content to live in the here and now ***** On those days of …

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  Conviction of steel Heart of burnished gold Righteousness always Iron holiness Steadfast, persevere Temperate feelings ***** Lion hearted will Image of Jesus Kind, compassionate Eager repentance ***** Calm and collected Out of this world faith Unconventional Ready for battle Ardent God chaser Gracious modesty Eternal mindset ***** Christ-Like Courage