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In the first installment of Egypt’s Exodus I put forth the idea: Chaos— confusion is the new normal. Learn to anticipate so you can adaptKeep your eyes focused on the reward— Christ’s return and eternal reign. In the second installment I explored the birth pains of civil unrest and ineffective, unrighteous problem solving strategies. Persecution, martyrdom and natural disasters were the subjects of the third installment.

This chaos— confusion I believe is a sign of the birth pains that Jesus said would precede His return. Jesus warns us in Matthew 24 and Mark 13 that devastation will envelope the earth before His return. War, famine, economic upheaval, plagues, natural disasters, and animal attacks will increase in frequency and intensity. Although there will be times of peace— rest, the time between catastrophic events will diminish over time.

Isaiah 19—a messianic chapter of Egypt’s birth pains prior to Christ’s return, outlines both Papa’s judgment and salvation of Egypt. Although a prophecy for the country of Egypt, it has prophetic implications for the entire world.

Today I’ll dissect verses 18-25.


In that day five of Egypt’s cities will follow the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. They will even begin to speak Hebrew, the language of Canaan. One of these cities will be Heliopolis, the City of the Sun.

 In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the heart of Egypt, and there will be a monument to the Lord at its border. It will be a sign and a witness that the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is worshiped in the land of Egypt. 

When the people cry to the Lord for help against those who oppress them, He will send them a savior who will rescue them. The Lord will make Himself known to the Egyptians. Yes, they will know the Lord and will give their sacrifices and offerings to Him. They will make a vow to the Lord and will keep it. The Lord will strike Egypt, and then He will bring healing. The Egyptians will turn to the Lord, and He will listen to their pleas and heal them.

In that day Egypt and Assyria will be connected by a highway. The Egyptians and Assyrians will move freely between their lands, and they will both worship God. In that day Israel will be the third, along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the earth. For the Lord of Heaven’s Armies will say, “Blessed be Egypt, my people. Blessed be Assyria, the land I have made. Blessed be Israel, my special possession!” (Verses 18-25)

Yes, prior to Christ’s return there will be a remnant of Egyptians who worship Jesus wholeheartedly. When Christ returns He will wage war and defeat the antichrist’s army. Rescuing not only Egypt but also Jordan and Israel. 

The apostle John witnessed and described that glorious day in the book of Revelation.

I looked up and saw that heaven had opened. Suddenly, a white horse appeared. Its rider is called Faithful and True, and with righteousness He exercises judgment and wages war. His eyes burn like a flaming fire, and on His head are many crowns. His name was written before the creation of the world, and no one knew it except He Himself. 

He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and the name He was known by is The Word of God. The armies of heaven, outfitted in fine linen, white and pure, were following behind Him on white steeds. From His mouth darts a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. He will rule over them with a scepter made of iron. He will trample the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God, the All Powerful. There on His robe and on His thigh was written His name: King of kings and Lord of lords.

Then I looked up and saw a messenger standing in the sun. With a loud voice, he called to all the birds that fly through mid-heaven.

Come. Gather for the great feast God is preparing for you. Where you will feast on the flesh of kings, the flesh of captains, the flesh of the rich and powerful, the flesh of horses and their riders— all flesh— both free and slave, both small and great.”

I looked down, and I saw the beast I had seen earlier, and the kings of the earth with their armies gathered together to wage war against the One riding the white horse and His heavenly army. The beast was soon captured along with the false prophet. The earth-beast I had seen earlier who performed signs to deceive those who had agreed to receive the mark of the beast, and those who worshiped its detestable image. Both of them were thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with sulfur. All who remained met death at the blade of the sword that proceeded from the mouth of the One riding on the white horse. All the birds feasted fully on their flesh. Revelation 19:11-21

Maranatha— come our Lord!


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