Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Purifying Fire


In the bible the color orange is symbolic of the fire of God, deliverance, passionate praise.


The season of orange has arrived

Others have labored so we can reap

A spectacular harvest of souls

No other god delivers this way


Be patient until coming of Christ

Strengthen your hearts in this certainty

You must never doubt or be timid

Do not waver for the end is near


Just as orange leaves foretell autumn

So will it be before Christ returns

Signs surrounding, warning everyone

Son of Man is coming with sharp sword


Judging the world with holy justice

Exposing the motives of men’s hearts

Destroying evil authority

For He’s the Alpha and Omega


Time for God to restore everything

As promised by His holy prophets

Beloved He will strengthen your hearts

So you will be blameless and holy


The God of peace will sanctify you

Spirit, soul, body will be blameless

Reprimand, encourage with patience

Assured crown of righteousness is yours


Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait

His mercy will bring eternal life

Don’t be threatened, frightened by scoffers

Those blinded by this world’s evil one


Day of the Lord will come like a thief

Peace and security disappears

Sudden destruction falls upon earth

Those not in darkness won’t be surprised


Rolling thunder, flashes of lightning

Sky ablaze in glorious orange

Purifying fire pummels the earth

Papa reigns, passionate praise erupts


His justice, righteousness will prevail

Orange fire devours His children’s foes

All witness His anger and tremble

Shout mighty praise for deliverance


Christ will come with a mammoth army

Every knee will bow and worship Him

Ruling nations with an iron rod

The earth cleansed in a sea of orange


Those who have eyes to see, ears to hear

Be a voice shouting in the darkness

Repent turn from your ungodly ways

Seek salvation while it may be found

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