Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Actions Do The Talking

How is American Christianity perceived today?

It is nothing more than a source of information and guidance, like a newspaper, magazine or television documentary. 

The rate of return on the required investment of time, money and energy is negligible at best. 

The average Christian is less trustworthy than lawyers, real estate agents and entertainers.

What can American Christians do to change this image? 

Be Christ-like! 

Actions complement, not contradict what one speaks. 

Generosity is a character trait rather than an event. 

Service to others is ongoing, regardless of inconvenience or anonymity. 

Building Papa’s Kingdom, not a church or personal empire dominates financial planning. 

Loving others outside your circle of influence as members of your family. 

Repaying no one evil for evil.

Until those who call themselves Christians passionately pursue Christ. Building a life upon the foundation of truth— Papa’s principles for life. The voice of the Gospel and the word of our testimonies will be but a whisper amongst all the voices of the culture. 

It is time for American Christians’ actions to speak louder than their words.

The benevolent person scatters abroad. He gives to the poor. His deeds of justice and goodness and kindness and benevolence will go on and endure forever!

2 Corinthians 9:9 

Amplified Bible Classic Edition

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