Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Warriors Not Beggars

Day’s darkness, night’s frostiness

Confusion, panic

Illness, debt, inconvenience

Plot their invasion


Sly thieves stealing precious time

Past, present, future

Strength, courage runs for cover

Not this once again


Haven’t I proven myself

Faithful, compliant

Why must I suffer, have not

My prayers unanswered


My child, have you forgotten

Testing of your faith

Creates mighty endurance

Brave maturity


I discipline those I love

Removing rubbish

Lethal thinking and living

So you are set free


No longer a slave to sin

An overcomer

Lacking nothing in this war

For your precious soul


Put on full armor of God

Truth’s belt around waist

The breastplate of righteousness

Sandals of Good News


Raise the shield of faith upwards

Quench foe’s fiery spears

Wear helmet of salvation

Grasp sword, word of God


Draw you strength from mighty God

The days are evil

Devil is prowling about

A roaring lion


Resist him, firm in your faith

Know the God of grace

Will personally restore

Strengthen, support you


The one who wants to love life

And to see good days

Must keep his tongue from evil

Lips from speaking lies


Turning away from evil

Doing what is good

Seeking peace, pursuing it

Compassionate, meek


Consider it a great joy

When you are tested

All who endure trials are blessed

Crown of life is theirs

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