Love one another as Jesus has loved us.


Mika-Pekka Markkanen


Yesterday, today, tomorrow

I choose my dwelling place


Vindictiveness, shame, jealousy

I choose toxic thinking


Sexism, harass, prejudice

I choose to hate others


Forgiveness, justice, compassion

I choose to love others


Addictions, hoarding, covetous

I choose to be selfish


Perseverance, steadfastness, grit

I choose accomplishment


Degrading, slander, ridicule,

I choose offensive speech


Genuineness, honesty, truth

I choose transparency


Self-pity, misery, despair

I choose to be oppressed


Joyfulness, laughter, cheerfulness

I choose to be happy


Entitlement, lazy, begging

I choose to be helpless


Appreciative, grateful, content

I choose to be thankful


Discourteous, tactless, vulgar

I choose impoliteness


Obedience, submission, love

I choose Yahweh’s guidelines


Every day you and I must choose

Live in light or darkness


Victor or victim frame of mind

A blessing or a curse


It is a choice so choose wisely

Tomorrow may not come

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