Love one another as Jesus has loved us.



Life’s melodies serenade our souls

Singing praises of Papa’s goodness

All creation declares His glory

From the mountain tops to valleys low


Look upwards and behold the beauty

Jewels adorn celestial expanse

Twinkling secrets to those listening

Compass guiding prodigals homeward


Beloved you are precious and loved

Run into His arms of protection

No weapon formed against you can harm

Freely live in His fortress of love


Awake each day knowing He’s with you

Never abandoning, always there

Walk with Him, talk to Him, share with Him

Gratefully forsake cares of this world


He adored you before time began

Creating you for mighty exploits

Unveiling His amazing glory

Unquenchable light in the darkness


Beloved be strong and courageous

He will cover you with His feathers

You will take refuge under His wings

His faithfulness, a protective shield


Fear not the evil pursuing you

Papa will rescue those who love Him

Protecting those trusting in His name

Papa, Creator, All Mighty God

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