Love one another as Jesus has loved us.


donnyhood @ Deviant Art


Sabotaging blame game

Luring the fragile, unsuspecting

Into hidden quicksand

Smothering gorgeous transformation


Pathetic self-pity

Self-defeating thoughts and behaviors

Reckless relationships

Victim mentality shouts poor me


Grown weary of defeat

Immaturity, pretentiousness

Existing not thriving

Never overcoming life’s troubles


Look upwards not inwards

Authenticity, freedom awaits

Draw near to Me today

Run into my outstretched, loving arms


Beloved you are mine

A new and beautiful creation

My Son’s salvation gift

Eternally My precious loved child


In Christ you are complete

Sin, death have lost their domination

The mind of Christ now yours

Spirit of wisdom, revelation


Reigning as royalty

Great power over the enemy

Shield of faith guards your heart

Protection from the woes of this world


You are My workmanship

Created to do good, noble works

More than a conqueror

Overcomer of evil, darkness


You have been born again

Partaker of Christ’s divine nature

Forgiven of all sins

Redeemed from hopelessness, fruitlessness


My child rise up and roar

You are a mighty warrior of God

Strong, capable, fearless

Part of a chosen generation

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