Love one another as Jesus has loved us.


Plunging deeply into the well of yesteryear

Memories of sorrow and joy flood my indebted soul

Decades submerged in stubborn rebellion and sin

Meaningless blame games, pity parties, settling of scores


Chasing whatever would silent the emptiness

Until that summer day when Love flooded my prison cell

Immersing my heart in amazing, divine grace

Making a lifelong pursuit of Love irresistible


Love healing festering, putrid battlefield wounds

From the secret war waged by the enemy of my soul

Love’s grace birthing redemptive, freeing forgiveness

Betrayal, pain tossed into the sea of forgetfulness


Dreams and desires soaked in Love’s precious promises

Zealously proclaiming, world my best days are yet to come

Courage to pursue, conquer the impossible

To awaken each morn knowing Love is my protector


Love’s life lessons building a foundation of strength

That steadfastly withstands the ravages of time and man

Eternally grateful to my Love, Jesus Christ

This prodigal will eternally sing praises to Love

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