Love one another as Jesus has loved us.


FotoshopTofs at Pixabay


Memories of long ago

Beckon me to explore

Tapestry of pain and love

Elegantly woven


Darkness, shadows, rays of light

My celestial escorts

Traversing hidden quicksand

Loyal to destruction


Despair, loneliness, regret

Whispering all is lost

One misstep, calamity

Hell my destination


Tortured soul groaning, moaning

Embracing the cold void

Gazing into the abyss

Welcoming nothingness


Pain no more, oblivion

Reprieve from this mean world

Farwell past, present, future

Nonexistence I’m yours


Echoes of life giving love

Neglected memories

Call me out from the dark grave

Into heavenly arms 


Unconditional Love pleads

Child don’t abandon hope

For I know the thoughts and plans

I have for you alone


Plans for peace and well-being

Unspeakable beauty

Eternal mercy and grace

Life incomparable


Give me your brokenness, pain

Sorrows, disappointments

Let Me cleanse your putrid wounds

Heal your ravaged, dead soul


Beloved never forget

No sorrow is lasting

Weeping may last through the night

But joy greets the morning

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