Love one another as Jesus has loved us.



Didgeman at Pixabay


Mindlessly seeking

Illusions of happiness

Caged by filthy chains

Slave to treasures of this world


Voices of fame, wealth

Persuades the lonely, unloved

Empty promises

Vulnerable, frail fulfillment


Endless misery

Haunts every waking moment

Hopelessness, sadness

Cruel companions for life



Social media darling

Can’t quench emptiness

Burning desire for purpose


Frantically seeking

Newest self-help solution

Hoping, believing

Better day on horizon


Only to awake

To another dreary day

Disaster waiting

Unrelenting barrenness


Abyss beckons you

Visit, live in the darkness

Accepting invite

Welcoming life nevermore


Then from above God

Cloaks you in protective love

Whispers, beloved

Sorrow, hopelessness shall pass


Come into the Light

Bask in My Son’s dazzling love

Don’t abandon hope

Say goodbye shame, guilt, pain


Create a new life

Allow rays of salvation

Wash over your soul

Defeating depression, gloom


Healing, gentle love

Is yours today, forever

Raise hands to heaven

Do not hesitate or doubt


Receive My Spirit

New identity in Christ

No longer orphaned

A dearly loved child of God

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