Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Warriors Not BeggarsFifteen years ago I had an unforgettable encounter with the Lord. His Presence captivated me. Touching the innermost parts of my being— my soul. Reassuring me I was unconditionally and eternally loved.

Since that supernatural encounter I have passionately pursued His presence. Worshipping Him with abandon.

Early on it became clear. This all-consuming desire would never be satisfied by the Americanized version of Christianity. Anemic Christianity for which

▪   the middle ground is the road most traveled.

▪   average is the norm.

▪   compromise is the order of the day.

▪   reasonableness rules.

▪   the supernatural is ridiculed or ignored.

Many churches are icons of materialism, political correctness and social justice apathy. No longer teaching or living God’s truth. They have become clearinghouses for secular knowledge, ideals and solutions.

What we see today had its beginning in the Age of Enlightenment. A time when empirical observation and personal introspection replaced God’s truth.

Reason and science improves lives. Not the dogmatic, superstitious, blind faith of Christianity. Today this philosophy is firmly entrenched in the western world where knowledge is king.

But in God’s Kingdom revelation trumps knowledge. Humanism, political correctness or religious doctrine cannot unlock the mysteries of the Kingdom.

Many Americans do not believe God’s truth. Instead, they seek supernatural power and divine revelation outside of God’s Word. An estimated 25% of Americans participate in New Age practices.

New Agers believe everything is divine. Instead of a single omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God, all is god-like. The creator and creation are one and the same. By discovering and nurturing your own happiness, you unlock your true identity. Which leads to the divine. Thus, honoring and worshipping yourself is acceptable, even mandatory.

The New Age movement rejects much of traditional Christianity because of its moral absolutes. Which are construed as rigid and narrow-minded. It is ignorance of your true self and potential. Not sin that wrecks havoc in your life. Enlightenment and education, not judgment of behavior and repentance lead to personal transformation.

Beloved, if your heart is focused on you and your circumstances. Then it cannot be focused on the One who possesses the transformational power.

I refuse to be a Christian who plays it safe. I want to be like Moses. For whom the hunger for God’s glory was so intense that a life without God’s presence was not a life worth living. Or like Elijah who brought down fire from heaven— God’s glory and destroyed evil.

My tolerance for the safe, Americanized version of Christianity long ago evaporated. God is not a doting grandparent who gives you whatever you want if you ask Him in the right way.

The Lord is the powerful, miracle working God of the bible. Who expects His children to be spiritual warriors, not spiritual beggars!

Be a VOICE in the deafening sound of sameness!


Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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