Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Weeds of the HeartI must confess. The past few months have been difficult. One inconvenience after another. Disrupting MY routine. Stealing MY time. Sucking cash out of MY wallet. Testing both MY patience and faith. Self-pity and ungratefulness nipping at MY soul.

It is easy to be grateful when

  • it is smooth sailing.
  • there is abundance.
  • God’s presence is tangible.

But what about those times when your soul is parched and dying of thirst? Uncertainty, unanswered prayers or God’s silence are your daily companions?

What do you do then?

Eat chocolate.

Go window shopping.

Escape by watching a movie or going on a vacation.

I garden. The sun’s warmth. Mesmerizing colors. Tantalizing scents. Soothing sounds of nature. It is intoxicating.

Not only am I actively participating in beautifying God’s creation. I also have time to think. Allow my mind to wander. Contemplate the nuances of life. Seek God’s wisdom.

This morning as I weeded and pruned. I went through my spiritual checklist. Am I prolonging this trial? Are there ungodly paradigms I need to weed from my life?

Is there unrepentant sin in my life? (No)

Do I need to spend more time studying and meditating on His Word? (Yes)

Am I trying to solve the problem instead of resting in the Lord and trusting Him? (Yes)

Am I trusting man’s wisdom more than the Lord’s? (Yes)

Has my love for the Lord grown cold? (No)

Have I allowed the cares of the world to blind me to the treasures of the Kingdom? (Yes)

Am I ungrateful or selfish with the many gifts God has given me? (Yes)

Am I proud, not humble? (No)

Are my thoughts of the Kingdom of Light or the kingdom of darkness? (Light)

Is my thinking that of a victor or victim? (Victor)

As I was walking back to the house. In my spirit I heard the Lord say.

Are you obedient?

Are you allowing me to lead you?

Then relax. I will fulfill my promises to you on MY timetable, not yours. Concentrate on what must be done today!

Peace and contentment flooded my soul. Encouraged as I meditated on His word.

Remember this, and do not abandon your confidence which will lead to rich rewards. Simply endure. For when you have done as God requires of you. You will receive the promise.

As the prophet Habakkuk said. “In a little while, only a little longer, the One who is coming will come without delay.

But My righteous one must live by faith. For if he gives up his commitment. My soul will have no pleasure in him.

My friends. We are not those who give up hope and so are lost. But we are of the company who live by faith and so are saved. (Hebrews 10:35-39)

Be a VOICE in the deafening sound of sameness!


Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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