Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Off Into The Wild Blue YonderWho likes being called a weakling?

Having sand kicked in your face?

Greeted with a hello wedgie?

Weakness is an attribute few embrace, especially us who

  • value and protect our independence.
  • rely upon strength and self-reliance, not weakness and dependence.
  • endorse competitiveness, achievement and image.
  • consider submission and being second for losers.

Nonetheless, in God’s Kingdom weakness is strength and is to be sought and honored.


Your restoration, becoming Christ-like requires a supernatural strength only the Holy Spirit can provide. Only through disciplined training will you develop this strength. In much the same way as you use weights to strengthen muscles in your physical body. The Lord uses His Word and trials to strengthen your spiritual muscles.

Muscle growth is one of those anomalies that defies logic. By a process called micro trauma. The muscle is damaged by micro-tears. It is actually the healing, the restoration of these micro-tears that creates stronger muscles.

The Lord uses a similar process to make you spiritually stronger. Let us call it “spiritual micro trauma.” By tearing down ungodly thought and behavioral patterns. The Lord transforms you from a spiritual weakling into a spiritual giant.

As important as it is to hear, read and meditate upon Scripture. Its application into your life is even more important. This is one of the reasons the Lord allows misfortune and suffering in your life.

Many believers fear trials. Erroneously believing that once you have made Jesus the Lord of your life you are home free. As a young believer were you blindsided by any of the following?

Your life did not get any easier!

Problems did not disappear!

Your character was not transformed instantaneously!

Temptation continued to rear its ugly head!

The Lord promises to give you wings to fly above the circumstances of life. But first you must take flying lessons from the spiritual master flight instructor— the Holy Spirit. He alone can teach you the skills that will keep you safe even amidst life threatening turbulence.

Even though your may have been wrongly imprisoned by someone else’s sin. The Holy Spirit has the key that will unlock the door of your cell.

What is the key that will unlock your cell door?

Trusting the Lord when everyone and everything says, “Do not do it!”

Allowing the Lord to put your life on hold for a season so He and you can spend some quality time together?

Offering a sacrifice of praise in the midst of your suffering?

Signing over the lien to your life by undergoing a spiritual heart transplant?

You will have to fight for the restoration of your soul. You cannot be intimidated by anyone or anything, including satan. If you think satan is not real. You might as well raise the white flag of surrender. He is real and will use anyone or anything to destroy your soul.

Satan will attempt to

  • demoralize you.
  • discredit you before others.
  • tempt you with the riches of the world.
  • remind you of past failures.
  • plant doubt concerning your worthiness to help build the Lord’s Kingdom here on earth.

The enemy of your soul is determined to derail your restoration. Thus delaying the Church’s restoration. Knowing a restored Church ushers in the return of Jesus and ends his reign of terror.

Go ahead. Spread your wings and fly into the bright blue yonder. You will encounter turbulence but fear not! You will land safely as long as the Holy Spirit is the pilot, and you are His co- pilot.

Be a VOICE in the deafening sound of sameness!


Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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