Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Love's LightHave you ever wanted to close the blinds? Turn off all electronic devices? Become a monk or a recluse? I have!

This world grows darker and meaner. Those who claim to love you desert you in your time of need or only come to you with outstretched hands. Lying and breaking commitments is epidemic. Slander, gossip and gloating dominate conversations. Hopelessness and loneliness are epidemic.

How can you change this? How can you be a beacon of light in the darkness that is engulfing the world?

Unconditional love!

Challenging, yes! Thanks to emotional baggage, flawed perceptions and fear. Many believe love is earned by satisfying the needs and requests of others.

But for love to be unconditional it MUST be given away!

NO conditions.

NO limitations.

NO restrictions.

NO expectations.

NO boundaries.

NO strings attached.

Want to love others unconditionally?

Think of love as an action, not a feeling. 

Feelings come and go and are at the whim of circumstances and others. But your behavior is totally under your control.

Be authentic and vulnerable. Sail into uncharted emotional territory without assurance of the outcome.

Use wisdom. One size fits all unconditional love does not exist. Each individual and situation is unique. Requiring a genuine, not robotic response.

Sometimes unconditional love requires telling the bitter truth. If done gently and without judgment. Both parties will reap the benefits.

Forgive easily and frequently.

Like you others are doing the best they can. Dealing with fears, insecurities, hardships and pain. Walking a mile in another person’s shoes leads to empathy. Making it easier to extend compassion and generosity, not judgment and condemnation.

I am convinced when you love unconditionally. It is the closest on this side of eternity you come to being the image of Jesus.

Overcome your fear, ignorance and hostility. Extend the loving hands of Jesus to others. This hurting world needs them!

Be a VOICE in the deafening sound of sameness!


2 thoughts on “Love’s Light

  1. Hi Rita, I just read loves light. It brought tears to my eyes as I have lived that. Thank you for allowing God to use you to be a light in my darkness. I started reading you posts yesterday and all of them really resonate with me. It’s like you can see my heart. God bless you so much.

    1. Rita Poynor says:

      Isn’t He such a great God! Giving us just what we need when we need it. Hang in there. Obviously He is preparing you for your next opportunity to glorify Him by becoming more like the image of Christ. Have a marvelous Monday!

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