Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

8-joshua-earleThe relationships of a best selling romance novel, soap opera or reality show pale in comparison to those found in the Bible. Ordinary people who despite their frailties and failings are God’s pride and joy.

Why would the Creator of the universe want to have an intimate and loving relationship with His creation?

Our heavenly Father is a god of relationships!

Christ’s crucifixion is undeniable confirmation of the Father’s great love for His children. God Himself chose to pay the ransom for our release. No longer would satan have dominion or authority over those who chose to accept God’s gift of salvation.

Yes, relationship is the foundation of the Kingdom of God. Something many Christians have forgotten or choose to ignore.

Even within the church setting many individuals feel they are on the outside looking in. Not drawn together by supernatural unity. Many churches are a breeding ground for discrimination and exclusion.

Choosing to ignore God’s truth. There is one God, and He is the Father of all people.

Fortunately, this is changing. I believe we are in the early stages of a paradigm shift— a return to the ancient ways.


  • the Church was a body of believers, not a building.
  • both the clergy and congregation heard from God.
  • relationship and worship of the Lord were the hallmark of spiritual maturity. Traditions and rituals were nonexistent.

When Christ returns. Church will no longer be only a building or a service. Instead, it will be wherever a believer is. Whether this is at lunch, a birthday party, playing softball or on the assembly line.

Believers who understand that individual actions have significant ramifications.

You do not separate yourself from the community. Adopt alternative speech patterns or languages. Engage in eccentric lifestyles.

You do not form congregations that compete with other denominations for members. Instead, you live and work as members of a divine community— the family of Christ. Unity, love and service exemplifying lives worthy of admiration and duplication.

It was a biblical worldview that empowered the Apostles and the early Church to wage a nonviolent revolution. A revolution that forever changed the world by establishing the baseline for truth.

This revolution was not fought with weapons but with Christ’s presence in individuals. Individuals whose lives were no longer theirs but the Lord’s. Seeing with His eyes. Loving with His heart. Performing miraculous acts with His supernatural power.

Their lives were not divided into the spiritual and secular but were one and the same. God’s Truth was the compass for all problem solving and decision making strategies. Authenticity permeated their existence.

Yes, when Jesus returns. There will be a worldwide body of believers embodying Jesus.

No longer compromising God’s Word.

Boldly proclaiming the Gospel— God’s heavenly treaty with earth’s inhabitants.

Earthly kings and queens reigning over the territory the Lord has bequeathed to them.

These are the sparks that changed the world following the crucifixion. It will be the spark that ignites the fire that ushers in Christ’s return.

What do you say? Let’s light the fire today!

Be a VOICE in the deafening sound of sameness!


4 thoughts on “Light The Fire

  1. atimetoshare says:

    I pray that day comes soon!

    1. Rita Poynor says:

      You and me both!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Patricia Yeager says:

    As do I.

    1. Rita Poynor says:

      Won’t it be a wondrous day Patricia? It can’t come soon enough! Have a wonderful week!

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