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What is the longest you have waited to buy or do something? A week? A month? A year? Years?

The addiction and debt statistics would suggest most Americans want what they want when they want it.

  • Mind-altering prescription drugs are taken by 70 million Americans.
  • 70 percent of all Americans take at least one prescription drug.
  • 60 million Americans abuse alcohol.
  • Average credit card debt is $15,611.
  • Average mortgage debt is $155,192.
  • Average student loan debt is $32,264.

Instant gratification gone wild!

Whenever you contemplate satisfying a need. One of two distant areas of the brain is activated— the area that regulates emotion or the logic and reason area.

The emotional brain’s ability to envision the future is limited. It doubts that what is available today will be available tomorrow. Whereas, the region of the brain associated with logic and reasoning. Anticipates future consequences of current behavior and decisions and is able to delay gratification.

Are you an instant gratification junkie? Do not be discouraged!

As with everything in life, nothing is written in stone. Change your thinking. Change your life.

Yes, you can reprogram— rewire your brain!

Come back next week for strategies that will make delaying gratification easier.

That is if you can wait!

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American Household Credit Card Debt Statistics:2014

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