Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

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Although today is a wet and dreary day, my spirits are soaring! Order has returned to my home.

Thanks to the remodel. For months I have been living amidst chaos. Nothing is where it should be. My closet and bedroom crammed with stuff from other rooms.

For someone who is organized, knowing exactly where something should be. This aspect of the remodel has been stifling— suffocating. There have been times when I felt like a prisoner in my own home.

Although a major purging occurred before the remodel began, I once again am purging. Keeping only those items I love and use. So that the openness of the floor plan the remodel created is not obscured by junk.

My home is finally reflecting me. The person God created me to be. The me who

  • no longer needs material possessions to fill the emptiness inside.
  • embraces who I am. No longer wearing a mask to please and impress others.
  • surrounds herself with only people and items that put a smile in my heart.
  • lives for today, not the future.

This remodel has taught me much about others and myself. The biggest lesson I learned is how thankful I am “God is not a man who lies, or a son of man who changes His mind. Does He speak and not act, or promise and not fulfill?”

Because man does not!

Numbers 23:19

Be a VOICE in the deafening sound of sameness!


Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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