Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

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Blend Images – John Lund

If you think Americans have unlimited religious freedom, think again. According to a recent Pew Research Center study, the United States has “moderate levels of both restrictions on religion and social hostilities toward religious groups.”

American Christians are learning what most of the world has known for many years, even centuries. Worshiping Christ will not always be easy or convenient. It will require one to persevere— to overcome.

Not understanding that Christianity is for warriors, not wimps. Many Christians settle for spiritual mediocrity, particularly during seasons of drought. When it appears progress has come to a complete standstill, and God is nowhere to be found.

In the book of Revelation perseverance is discussed repeatedly. Time and time again Christ reminds us that if we will persevere— overcome— conquer. There are promises— blessings awaiting us here on earth and in eternity.

What can you do to become a spiritual giant?


Like Jesus, you too must lay your life upon the cross. Forsaking convenience. Sacrificing your treasures— idols. Not living for yourself but others.

What is your treasure? If the Lord asked you to surrender it to Him, would you? Or do you love your earthly treasure more than your heavenly treasure— Jesus?

Do not be like the billions who have slapped away the hand of salvation. Christ’s offer of help to overcome the woes of earth and the hell of eternity. Choose to live a life that showcases Truth. Loudly and boldly declare, “There is only one Truth, and His name is Jesus.”


Like in the times of Noah, you are living amidst evil. Evil that grows more malevolent each day. In this war with evil, daily examining you heart is mandatory.

Are you

  • willingly choosing to please God more than others?
  • rejecting anything that contradicts the Word of God?
  • forsaking the comforts of life when they are detrimental to fulfilling God’s plan for your life?
  • walking in faith, not fear?

The Lord is not indifferent to sin, especially in His children! Yes, He is slow to anger, but sin ALWAYS has a consequence. Holiness is not a suggestion. It is a requirement!


God is seeking disciples of Christ whose actions exemplify the Word of God. Disciples who

  • speak the truth. Do not lie.
  • get angry but do not sin.
  • work hard so they have something to share with those in need.
  • speak words of encouragement, and if needed words of correction. Words that build up, not tear down.
  • get rid of bitterness, loud quarreling, cursing and hatred.
  • are kind to each other, sympathetic, forgiving each other as God has forgiven them through Christ.
  • are diligent students of Scripture and can recognize a wolf in lamb’s clothing. A wolf that distorts the Word of God so as not to offend others or is arrogant. Stirring up jealousy and division.
  • plead with the Lord daily: “Examine me, O God, and know my mind. Test me, and know my thoughts. See whether I am on an evil path. Then lead me on the everlasting path.”

The day has come for American Christians to say goodbye to the days of old. When being a Christian was easy. It is time to square our shoulders. Lift our chins. Proudly and fearlessly march into the darkness. Singing, “WE SHALL OVERCOME!”

Psalm 139:23-24 

Be a VOICE in the deafening sound of sameness!


Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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