Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Getty Images David Lees Taxi

Getty Images
David Lees Taxi

First century Christians’ church paradigm was much different than many of today’s Christians. The church was a single worldwide fellowship of believers. A local congregation was a “mini-church” bound together to embody the Kingdom of God in their local community.

Unity did not have to be taught. These early Christians knew individual actions had significant ramifications for all. So they lived their lives accordingly. Believers who

  • did not separate themselves from their community. They assimilated by not adopting alternative speech patterns or engaging in eccentric lifestyles.
  • did not form congregations that competed with each other for members.
  • understood sin contaminates your life and others. Especially those you love.
  • knew there is not a date of expiration on the vows we make to God or on His behalf.
  • believed God anoints His spiritual representatives and defines their duties, no one else.
  • were eternally thankful that spiritual lineage is more important than biological ancestry.
  • willingly and frequently helped the poor.
  • trusted God and followed His standards for living a redeemed, holy life.

Jesus is returning soon for His Bride— His Church! A worldwide body of believers

  • no longer compromising God’s Word.
  • boldly proclaiming the Gospel— God’s heavenly treaty with earth’s inhabitants.
  • reigning over the territory the Lord has bequeathed to them.
  • confidently confronting the powers of darkness in whatever form they take.

I am more than ready for a family reunion with the believers of the past and present. But until that day I vow to open the eyes of the blind. Free the captives from dark dungeons. Live a life of unity, love and service. One worthy of admiration and duplication.

Please join me at this family reunion of a lifetime! Say yes to a relationship with Jesus and no to religion.

Be a VOICE in the deafening sound of sameness!


Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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