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Rearranging or Restoration

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I must be a glutton for punishment. I am beginning another remodeling project— my bedroom and bathroom.

What am I thinking? The paint is barely dry from the first remodel, and here I am. Willingly agreeing to more weeks of disgusting dust, earth shattering noise and interrupted privacy. Yep! Remodeling— transformation is not easy.

Once again I am deciding what goes and what stays. Towards that end I began rearranging furniture and wall art yesterday in my bedroom. At the end of the day furniture had been moved in and out of my room. That which remained had a new home. Although I like the furniture arrangement, I went to bed unsatisfied.

When I awoke this morning I knew why. I was to trying to create something new with only the wall art and knickknacks from the bedroom of the past. Yes, the foundation of the bedroom is good, but those items that add beauty— the finishing touches ARE NOT working.

This reminded me of my own transformational journey these past fourteen years. How the Lord with painstaking care has chiseled away those destructive heart issues that wrecked havoc in my life.

  • Un-forgiveness of others and me.
  • Loving others and things more than I loved Him.
  • Unrepentance.
  • Refusing to submit to His sovereign authority.

Together, The Lord and I have created a new heart.

  • A resilient heart not defined or defeated by negative circumstances.
  • A hopeful heart envisioning a life of excellence and significance.
  • A faithful heart not relying upon the meager promises of man but the powerful promises of Almighty God.
  • A humble heart graciously submitting to God and His sovereignty.
  • A persevering heart tenaciously pursuing God and His Kingdom.

Yes, my foundation is now strong. But I know the Lord is not finished with me. From now and throughout eternity the Lord will be adding those finishing touches. So my heart becomes more and more a reflection of His divineness. A heart of

  • unconditional love.
  • compassion.
  • mercy.
  • boldness.
  • confidence.
  • faithfulness.
  • holiness.
  • justice.
  • honor.
  • gratitude.

I have both beautiful and ugly memories of my past. Thankfully, I no longer am the person of my past. Trying to please others at the sacrifice of my dreams and identity. Seeking perfection to prove my worthiness.

It was God’s unconditional love that began and sustains by transformational journey. A journey on which an insecure, introverted woman is discovering her VOICE.

A woman who needs to finish what she started yesterday. Until tomorrow…

Be a VOICE in the deafening sound of sameness!


2 thoughts on “Rearranging or Restoration

  1. katienam says:

    Thanks for writing this. Was another reminder to me that God is always shaping us and to be thankful, not discouraged.

    1. Rita Poynor says:

      Hey Katie! I liken it to horseshoe making. We are placed in the fire. Shaped into what is needed at that time. Then into water for a period of refreshing. Then it begins all over again. My goal is to spend less time in the fire and being pounded, and more time in the refreshing water of His presence. Like you, I am still a work in progress. Have a wonderful week!

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