Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Giant SlayerCreativity is deeply embedded in children’s DNA. Fearlessly questioning all assumptions. Trusting in their ability to solve problems. Envisioning a world of endless possibilities.

Sadly, the day comes when many children begin imitating the adults in their environment. No longer valuing creativity. They toss it into the trash with their other childhood toys.

Would you like to resurrect the creativity of your childhood? Say goodbye to boring, average thinking? You can because creativity is not innate. It can be learned!

Mistakes are not the end of the world.

Mistakes are positive learning experiences. Providing valuable information you would not have learned otherwise. Did you know that creative individuals make more mistakes than their less imaginative peers? They take more risks. Experiment. Knowing in life you win some and lose some.


Humor greases the wheels of creativity. Disarming the inner censor that too quickly judges and condemns ideas as ridiculous. The creative process, not perfection is the goal.

Give yourself permission to think outside the box.

Making intuitive decisions is the heart of creativity. Thinking outside the box frees you from the prison of normalcy and acceptability. Nothing is impossible if you are willing to think differently and ask the questions others fear to ask. Try thinking in metaphors and pictures. Brainstorm how an idea from one industry or discipline might be used in another industry or discipline.

Experiences are fundamental. 

Creativity does not occur in a vacuum. Seek novel experiences and be adventurous. Travel to foreign places alone. Listen to a different genre of music. Go to a restaurant that serves food you have never eaten. Try a new hobby.

Turn off the noise of the world so you can think.

Unplug from electronic devices and your phone. Go for walks. Meditate. Pray.

Share your ideas with others.

Others may have insights you do not have.

Take care of yourself.

Creativity requires energy and alertness. Eat healthy. Exercise. Pamper yourself. Take naps. Soak in a bubble bath. Go to the movies. Listen to music. Enjoy doing absolutely nothing.


Write down your ideas, thoughts. No matter how ridiculous and impractical. Besides not forgetting the idea, a single idea may birth a truly great idea.

Return to the days of your childhood when each day was a new adventure. When you awoke each morning with one goal— to explore the unknown. To go where no one has gone before. To slay giants.

Be a VOICE in the deafening sound of sameness!


Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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