Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Getty Images Thomas Barwick Stone

Getty Images
Thomas Barwick Stone

It is a new day. A new version of female is arising. Being assertive and competent without forsaking femininity. Refusing to act like a prostitute or b$#%* because they are comfortable in their own skins.

What can we do as women and men to encourage this new version so that women are allies, not World War III enemies?

Acknowledge there is a double standard in the work force.

A Catalyst research study on gender stereotyping suggests no matter how women choose to lead. They are perceived in a negative light— too soft or too tough. Additionally women must word twice as hard to achieve the same level of recognition as their male colleagues.

As a consumer you can use your pocketbook to influence advertisers and the media.

Boycott products, stores, restaurants and media that cast women in a negative light. Where they are sexualized, demeaned or the brunt of a joke.

As women we must be our own advocates.

Negotiating for promotions and salaries commensurate with males. Refusing to be victimized by gender stereotypes or bullies— male or female. Establishing personal boundaries. Refusing to be treated rudely or devalued— not deserving equal status with others.

Like their male counterparts women must embrace unwritten work codes.

  • If I do something for you, you will do something for me.
  • Never undermine your boss— male or female.
  • Develop a career plan. Outlining the specific steps to be taken to achieve one’s career aspirations.

Teach children— both males and females not to make judgments based on outward appearances.

By doing this personal identity is not dependent upon others appearance or opinions. Minimizing the power you surrender to others and nullifying people pleasing.

Confident women encourage, not belittle other women and men. Not threatened or intimidated by others success. They do more than dream impossible dreams. They accomplish them honorably.

Which is a win-win situation both in the workplace and at home.

Be a VOICE in the deafening sound of sameness. 


Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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