Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Getty Images John Kirk E+

Getty Images
John Kirk E+

We are living in times when unpredictability is the word of the day. What once was earthquake proof. Now is being shaken into pieces so small that putting them back together is impossible. Problem solving has entered unchartered waters.

Drifting in a sea of chaos. We no longer can rely upon past strategies to solve the current tsunami of economic, political and social problems. In the search for answers, many have wandered into quicksand. Sinking in a quagmire of knowledge that is no longer applicable.

More than ever we need unconventional thinkers. Individuals who

  • test the boundaries. Risking conflict and alienation.
  • refuse to be rushed to a conclusion.
  • are courageous and decisive.
  • passionately pursue the impossible dream until it is achieved.

Would you like to be one of the elite— an unconventional thinker?

Reject conventional wisdom.

Just because it has never been done. Does not mean it should not or cannot be done.

Try new things.

Be adventurous. Listen to different music. Go to a restaurant that serves food you have never eaten. Travel alone. Try a new hobby.

Challenge the status quo.

Stop doing things just because it is expected or is what everyone else does.

Be transparent and authentic.

Stop being a people pleaser. Yes, even embrace rejection.

Listen to those who disagree with you or think differently.

Continually search for novel ideas— no matter their origin.

Interact with people outside your circle of influence.

Including ethnicity, age, gender, profession, etc.


Try new ideas even if you are not certain they will work.

Change your paradigm of failure.

Failure is a learning experience. One that teaches you something you would not have learned otherwise.

Seek God’s wisdom.

Unlike man’s wisdom, God’s is eternal and unwavering and is not influenced by the prevailing truth of the culture. Cultural truths that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Being an unconventional thinker is not innate. You can be an unconventional thinker if you are willing to think differently and being the black sheep in a flock of white sheep.

Return next week as I explore unconventional thinking and its relationship to God’s wisdom.

Be a VOICE in the deafening sound of sameness!


Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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