Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Getty Images PhotoStock-Israel Cultura

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PhotoStock-Israel Cultura

How boring this world would be if no one had an original idea and challenged the status quo. Pushed the limits of what is possible. Dreamt the impossible dream.

And yet many times in its infancy stage, such thinking is considered ludicrous or rebellious. How dare you go where no man has gone before! Rock the boat of tradition and respectability. Muddy the waters.

Yes, unconventional thinking— thinking out of the box is not for the faint hearted or thin skinned. It requires a backbone of steel. A visionary mind that embraces uncertainty and the unknown. A resilient heart not damaged by failure or delay.

Are you an unconventional thinker? Do you

  • have ideas that do not follow conventional wisdom? They are a union of ideas from an eclectic mix of interests. Bits and pieces of simple concepts combined to create solutions to new or old problems.
  • like to think about things and understand them fully?
  • reevaluate everything, including beliefs and assumptions and change them if necessary? Censorship is taboo.
  • not care what others think about you?
  • like change and view it as an opportunity for improvement?
  • view failure as a learning experience, not an indictment on you or your idea?
  • embrace transparency and authenticity?
  • believe constructive conflict is positive? Leading to more and better ideas.
  • value thinking and creating new knowledge? Believing no knowledge is written in stone.
  • have compassion and respect for others? Once you see a problem. You try to solve it in novel, helpful ways.
  • have courage and are willing to take a risk? Stretching the boundaries of what is known and acceptable. Understanding inherent in an impossible dream is also danger.
  • seek truth? “Maybe.” or “I think so.” are not words found in your vocabulary.
  • take sabbaticals simply to think unconventionally? What if is embraced, not avoided.
  • not give up easily or even not at all?

If you are not an unconventional thinker, would you like to be? Come back next Tuesday, and discover how you can become someone who changes not only your life but also others.


Be a VOICE in the deafening sound of sameness!





Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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