Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Getty Images Olivia Bell Photography Moment Select

Getty Images
Olivia Bell Photography Moment Select

Transformation is both exhilarating and intimidating, like any other adventure. Yes, transformation is an adventure— journey— quest into the unknown. Saying goodbye to the past so you can say hello to the future.

The future where new memories await you. Where authentic and loving relationships are waiting to be birthed. Where bigger and better dreams live. Where a new chapter in your life will be written.

So, for the first Throwback Thursday post of 2015 I am revisiting the beginning of my transformation journey. This post has and will always have a special place in my heart. Reminding me nothing is ever written in stone.

Getty Images  Christopher Hope-Fitch Moment Select

Getty Images
Christopher Hope-Fitch Moment Select

Today so many lives are ones of hopelessness and desperation. To the outside world they appear to have it altogether. In reality a slow, agonizing death haunts their daily existence.

I like many of you were once counted among the terminal. Foolishly believing the pleasures of life could fill the emptiness deep within my soul. Regardless of what I did or how hard I tried. Nothing could quiet the emptiness shouting its name. Nothing that is until I had an up close and personal encounter with the Lord.

In June of 2000 my husband and I were visiting our oldest daughter in Houston, Texas. She shared with us how the church she was attending was changing her life and begged us to go to church with her. The genuineness of her enthusiasm was compelling so I agreed.

Despite my reluctance and distrust. When I walked through the doors love overwhelmed my heart. My heavenly Father was there with arms opened wide for His prodigal child. Lovingly welcoming me home.

That day I had an unforgettable encounter with the Lord. His presence captivated me. A tangible presence touching the innermost parts of my being. Gently reassuring me that I was safe and unconditionally loved.

Today my heart grieves for anyone who has never experienced the Lord’s exquisite love.

  • An unquenchable love making a lifelong pursuit of Jesus no longer optional.
  • A tender love healing the scars incurred on life’s battlefields.
  • An empowering love gracing you to forgive those who carved those scars on your soul— including yourself.
  • An encouraging love declaring your best days are yet to come.

Since that summer day my life has dramatically changed. My husband is no longer here to witness my personal transformation. He is with Christ experiencing first hand the majesty of God’s love.

The daughter in Houston now lives with me, along with three of her children. My home no longer is quiet but filled with the laughter of children and companionship.

As for me— life is an adventure. Pursuing the dreams I long kept buried. Thinking less of the distant future and more about living each day with intentionality. Knowing that none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow.

When I think of whom I was when I stepped into that church fourteen years ago, and who I am today. Once again I am overcomed by His love. Remembering being greeted with love, not condemnation.

It was God’s unconditional love that began my transformational journey. A journey on which an insecure, introverted woman discovered her VOICE.

It is my prayer that you too discover your VOICE. You are too special to be an imitation of someone else!

Be a VOICE in the deafening sound of sameness!


Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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