Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Getty Images Philip and Karen Smith Iconica

Getty Images
Philip and Karen Smith Iconica

For more than an hour I have typed and deleted. Typed and stared at the screen. Nothing is working. No words of wisdom for those seeking transformation.

I am tired. The remodel is taking its toll physically and emotionally. Right now the guys are sheet rocking and texturing the walls. Drills and a sound like a vacuum cleaner are continuous. Even wearing ear buds and listening to music cannot drown out the noise.

So that got me to thinking about what I have done in the past when I have hit a brick wall. When the light at the end of the tunnel is growing dimmer. When giving up is a viable option.

I walk away from it. Do something that requires little to no brainpower. Change my surroundings. Garden. Exercise. Watch television. Take a nap. Sit still and count my blessings. You get the picture.

Changing your routine or deviating from your “to do” list is part of the transformation process. Give yourself permission to rest. It will reinvigorate both you body and mind.

I will be taking my own advice today. Turning off the computer. Getting Chinese for lunch. Refinishing the frame of a mirror.

Wow! I already feel better.

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Have a great day! Rita

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