Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

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Blend Images – Jose Luis Pelaez Inc Brand X Pictures

It was the worst of times. It was the best of times. It was Christmastime.

This one season that celebrates the most wonderful gift ever given to man. Over the years has become one of insatiable greed, envy and lust.

Stores are opening earlier and earlier for Black Friday. So early this year it was Thanksgiving dessert for many. Email inboxes and mailboxes inundated with sales circulars. Television ads equating love with the purchase of the perfect gift. Then there are the after Christmas sales offering the BEST deals of the year. It is enough to make one want to crawl into a cave from mid November and not emerge until the week after Christmas.

What I find even more offensive are religious organizations and nonprofits using the season to change their bottom line from red to black. Playing upon individuals’ propensity to be more generous during the Christmas season.

Beginning nine years ago I said ENOUGH! My three daughters and I made the decision to no longer exchange Christmas gifts. It is one of the wisest decisions we have made. Reducing debt and stress. Affording all the opportunity to enjoy the season and be grateful for what we have.

Earlier this year I had contemplated downsizing my Christmas decorating. When it takes more than 40 hours to decorate. Something is wrong. Thanks to the remodel. Mission accomplished. In fact, the only indoor Christmas decorations will be my grandchildren’s bedroom Christmas tree.

Do I miss it? Not as much as I thought I would.

I do not need a season of twinkling lights and sales to celebrate Christ’s birth. Each day I awaken is Christmas morning. Christ lives in my heart. What more do I need?


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Have a great day! Rita

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