Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Getty Images Nino H. Photography Moment

Getty Images
Nino H. Photography Moment

Have you ever been talking to someone about a person from your past, and memories pummel you? This is what happened Saturday as I talked with the guy who was jackhammering my tile floor. Proudly telling him about my grandfather who roofed houses in the Texas summer heat when he was in his sixties.

Yes, my grandfather worked hard all his life. The father of ten children, food and shelter were more than necessities. There were times when they were the luxuries of life. Despite few material possessions and being a strict disciplinarian, my grandfather generously loved others.

For a few years both my grandparents and my family lived in the same small town. Many of my fondest childhood memories are from this time. One of these memories is Sunday morning candy.

Ever so often my grandfather would visit us unexpectedly. On these visits he always brought my two younger siblings and me a treat— horehound candy. I suspect is was one of his favorites.

Horehound candy is a dark brown hard candy found in old-fashioned candy shops and living museums. A member of the mint family, it has a distinctly bittersweet taste. The flavor is a combination of mint, licorice and root beer. Not everyone enjoys the taste— including me.

As my parents and grandfather talked and drunk coffee. My siblings and I were nearby quietly eating the candy. I wonder if they disliked the taste as much as did.

Why did I eat something I disliked? Love!

Even at such a young age I recognized an act of love. How could I not reciprocate my grandfather’s love? Lay aside my personal feelings and desires and eat the candy. Knowing it brought him such pleasure to watch me enjoy his gift of love.

As I write this I am once again enveloped in my grandfather’s love. A generous love that decades ago assured a frightened, abused child she was special and loved.

Do not ever discount any act of love you unselfishly give to another. It may be the one thing that sweeteens an otherwise bitter existence.

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Have a great day! Rita

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