Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

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I am currently living in a construction zone. The transformation of my home has finally begun. It is noisy and dirty. A multitude of decisions must be made, many anticipated and some not. A trustworthy and knowledgeable contractor making the entire process easier.

Sounds like personal transformation does it not?

Growth— maturation— transformation is at times uncomfortable and inconvenient because it

  • threatens others and your perception of your identity.
  • disrupts routines and challenges the status quo.
  • requires living in the unknown— the unpredictable.
  • forces the evaluation of personal strengths and weaknesses.

Although moving out of your comfort zone into the unknown will be disconcerting. It is mandatory for anyone who desires to be a disciple of Christ.

Growth— maturation— transformation requires time. Patience and self-control are not optional. Patience and self-control announces to the world that God is the author of your story. A story in which you

  • do not allow your emotions to deter you from fulfilling temporal or spiritual responsibilities.
  • consider the repercussions of your actions, both positive and negative.
  • are faithful. Keeping promises regardless of the personal sacrifice.
  • are authentic— not one persona in public and another behind closed doors.
  • serve others to glorify God, not yourself.

To write your story the Lord must have unconditional access to your life. Directing your steps. Leading you into and out of danger.

Growth— maturation— transformation discards ineffectual paradigms and replaces them with new paradigms. This requires wisdom, especially God’s. Unlike man’s wisdom God’s is eternal and unwavering and is not influenced by the prevailing truth of the culture.

It is God’s omniscience that makes His wisdom perfect. He knows what every person is thinking and planning even before it is thought or planned. There is not a single scenario of circumstances not foreseen by the Lord. It is impossible for God to devise a plan that will fail. He knows everything before it occurs. This omniscient knowledge is the foundation upon which His wisdom is built.

God’s wisdom has the power to choose and successfully accomplish the best goal. Not only discerning between good and evil but also between best and good. 

Say goodbye to mediocrity— average— status quo. Embrace growth— maturation— transformation and build a better version of YOU.

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Have a great day! Rita

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