Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

keep-calm-and-don-t-feed-the-troll-22Do you remember the children’s fable Three Billy Goats Gruff? In their pursuit of greener pastures the goats encounter one major obstacle. A goat-eating troll who lives under the bridge they must cross. Not to be denied. With cunning and boldness the three goats outsmart the troll and enjoy the spoils of their victory.

Trolls are alive and well today. No longer living under a bridge but on the Internet. Disrupting social interactions by sowing discord.

Why does a human being morph into a troll?

  • Seeking attention and recognition, even if negative.
  • Enjoys the emotional release of venting.
  • Sadistic— empowered by causing pain.
  • Vandalizes, destroys what others enjoy or love.
  • Breaking social norms.
  • Sabotages groups or individuals he/she dislikes.
  • Are immature or unable to interact appropriately with others.
  • Places personal needs above meaningful interaction or concern for others.

How do you know there is a troll waiting to ambush you?

  • insulting remarks
  • character attacks
  • questions the motives or intelligence of others
  • emotional rants
  • bullying and harassment
  • completely off-topic posts
  • post inaccurate “facts”

What to do when there is a troll under the bridge?

  • Block them if you are on a forum that supports this feature.
  • Whatever you do. Do not feed their need for attention. Do not respond.

Most trolls are all bravado. If three goats can outsmart one, you certainly can!

Have you met any trolls lately?

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Have a great day! Rita

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