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Perseverance is the ability to begin AND steadfastly continue on the path towards a goal. So why do some persevere and achieve their goals and others do not? Grit.

The results of Angela Duckworth and her colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania “grit” research suggests:

  • “The quality that distinguished star performers in their respective fields was not necessarily talent but exceptional commitment to ambitions and goals.”
  • “Sticking with things over the very long term until you master them.”
  • “The gritty individual approaches achievement as a marathon; his or her advantage is stamina.”
  • When it comes to achievement under challenging circumstances. Grit may be as essential as intelligence.

Gritty individuals are

  • not seekers of change solely for the novelty of the experience.
  • passionate and resilient because of a positive response to adversity and failure.
  • intentional about identifying and strengthening personal weaknesses.
  • consistently practicing skills.
  • willing to sacrifice and delay gratification.
  • not satisfied with the status quo.
  • convinced there are no limits to how much can be understood, learned or accomplished.

How gritty are you? Take this survey.

Regardless of your score, you can increase your grittiness if you are willing to change— transform the way you think.

How willing are you to change so you can achieve your goals?

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