Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Light in Darkness

Light Speaks 

My God! My God!

Do you hear me?

Darkness draws nearer.

False promises

Shattered dreams

Unrequited desires.

Tenacious tentacles

Stealthily intertwining

Darkness into the marrow of my soul.

Enticing me to draw closer to the abyss.

Loneliness, grief, apathy

Greet me upon awakening.

Demons of hell waste no time

Jubilantly, viciously proclaiming

My soul’s death looms over the horizon.

Silence darkness!

The beautiful light speaks!

Lovingly, tenderly, mercifully

Whispering into the depths of my soul,

“Never give up hope for I am here with you.”

The light in the darkness

Promises to never forsake me.

Silences the lies with eternal truths.

Guides my faltering footsteps with wisdom.

Untangling the tentacles of

Hopelessness and disappointment.

Healing brokenness with the balm of grace.

Always attentive to my cries for help.

Faithfully rescuing me from the darkness.

My God! My God!

Rita Poynor


Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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