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Getty ImagesMartin Barraud OJO Images

Getty ImagesMartin Barraud OJO Images

  • Do you find yourself continually saying, “There are not enough hours in the day? If I only had more time, I could get everything done.”
  • Are you anxious, frustrated, fearful or worried because you feel overwhelmed or defeated by all the tasks you must accomplish daily?
  • Do you read books, watch television programs or attend seminars to learn strategies for effective time management?
  • Do you have a panic attack if you can’t locate your smartphone within five seconds?

If so, time is your taskmaster.

Time management services and products are a prolific and lucrative industry. Major bookstores have sections dedicated to this topic. There are more than one billion time management sites on the Internet. There are a variety of electronic devices and programs designed to help you be more productive by managing time more effectively.

Despite technology and modern conveniences significantly decreasing the amount of time required to complete tasks. More and more of us find ourselves falling further and further behind.

Resulting in less and less leisure time. Sitting back and enjoying life is becoming an anomaly in America. Reserved for your retirement years.

Growing discontent with the merciless invasion of work into every area of Americans’ lives birthed the life-hacking movement. How can you use technology to effectively accomplish more work related activities so you have more leisure time?

Has it accomplished this? NO! It has just made it easier to do more. Which for us Americans is very addictive.

Getty ImagesCaiaimage/Paul Bradbury Riser

Getty ImagesCaiaimage/Paul Bradbury Riser

Thankfully, more and more Americans, young and old are opting to purposely dedicate time to doing absolutely nothing. Literally sitting still and daydreaming— “time-hacking”.

Allowing their minds to wander. To embrace the impossible. To smell the roses. To travel the “road less traveled”.

The time has come to honor “time-hackers”. They not only dream the impossible dream. They have the courage to make the dream a reality. Refusing to be confined by the narrow mindedness of those who seek comfort in the status quo—acceptance.

Time-hackers are mavericks. Wearing their brand, not someone else’s.

Come back next Tuesday for strategies this “time-hacker” has discovered for living a life of excellence and significance.

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Have a great day! Rita

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