Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

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The renovation of my home continues. What needs to be packed has been packed. Furniture moved to other rooms, someone’s home, donated or to the curbside. Meetings, recommendations, decisions, and tweaking the design plan— all necessary before the work begins.

The process is taking longer than I anticipated or desired. Much like the process of becoming like Christ.

Jesus frequently spoke in parables— vignettes of everyday life to reveal spiritual truths. Knowing this I continually am attentive to what is happening in my life. Listening for the Lord to speak to me through my circumstances.

So far I have learned that renovating a house and personal transformation have many similarities.

It is a process.

Requiring time and patience. Attempting to accelerate the transformation process only causes unnecessary frustration and labor.

I must trust.

I do not possess all the wisdom required for the transformation process. I must be flexible and willing to consider alternatives to my preconceptions.

I must believe.

When all is said and done I will be grateful and satisfied with the transformation. Any discomfort or delay will be for my benefit.

I must be a team player.

Cooperation and timely decisions are vital in the transformation process. Otherwise, the process will take longer and cost more.

Who knows? Maybe at the end of this process I will have been transformed more than my house.

What if…


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