Love one another as Jesus has loved us.


Getty Images Blend Images - Jose Luis Pelaez Inc Brand X Pictures

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Blend Images – Jose Luis Pelaez Inc Brand X Pictures

What is it with us humans and our inability to sustain passion in our spiritual, intimate and platonic relationships? Over time the passion that once was wanes. Taking others for granted replaces honoring them with our time and treasures.

We are like children on Christmas morning. Screaming with ecstasy because Santa brought you the Gift— the Gift of all gifts.

Praying for the Gift had been your number one priority for weeks, even months.

Leaving nothing to chance, you wrote multiple letters to Santa. The name of the Gift was written with red, gigantic capital letters. Shouting from the page. “Santa, if I was to receive this Gift alone. It would be the best Christmas ever!”

Believing that life would be unbearable without the Gift. It preoccupied your every waking moment. Making your heart skip a beat each time you thought about it being in your life.

Playing exclusively with the Gift for days. It was your first thought each morning and your last thought each night.

However, as time went by your enthusiasm decreased, and you played with the Gift less often. The Gift no longer dominated your thoughts. Soon you were playing with other Gifts, even Gifts from previous Christmases. Over time the Gift was forgotten.

Sound familiar? So what goes awry?

heart-on-fire-screensaver-main-viewWe become lazy and thoughtless. Stupidly believing that once it’s yours. Possession alone will continue to fuel the passion. Nothing could be further from the truth. Without continual nourishment of the relationship, over time the passion that once was there will grow stale and eventually die.

Passion requires fuel to remain lit. The fuel of

  • discovering unique ways to express your love and gratefulness.
  • participating in new experiences.
  • never forgetting what life was like before the relationship.

If you want to reignite the flames of passion, dump the routine— the mundane. Make the relationship a priority, not an afterthought.



Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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