Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

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It’s astonishing how careless many are with their relationships. Treating objects with more care than they do people. Taking loved ones for granted. Seeing others as simply an accessory or an annoyance. Creating a world in which they are the center of the universe.

Is it any wonder that rudeness and thoughtlessness abounds? That honoring others is a concept of the past?

Honoring others isn’t rocket science— complicated. It can be as simple as

  • being on time. Nothing shouts, “My time is more valuable than yours!” than being late, i.e. “I’m better than you because of my position or responsibilities.
  • being faithful to one’s word. Keeping your word is the essence of integrity— moral character. When you fail to fulfill your commitments to others. You in effect are saying, “You’re not important. You’re not a priority in my life.”
  • being an active listener. When engaged in conversations with others pay attention to what they are saying. Maintain eye contact with the individual not a digital screen. Show that you are interested in what they are saying by nodding and smiling. Don’t multitask. Provide feedback that demonstrates you have been listening.

Faithfulness-268x300Yes, honoring others isn’t always convenient, easy or inexpensive, but it certainly is worth the effort. Because each time you honor others you honor God.

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Have a great day! Rita

Be the VOICE heard amidst the deafening sound of sameness!





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Be a VOICE shouting in the silence. Lets love others!

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