Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and gentleness have been served in the series God’s Diet Food. This spiritual food— the fruit of the spirit is God’s divine personality and character traits that lives in believers. Today’s final course is self-control.


Self-control isn’t something that comes naturally to anyone. The natural tendency is to allow the

  • lust of the flesh— craving for sensual gratification
  • lust of the eyes— greedy longings of the mind
  • pride of life— assurance in personal resources or in the stability of earthly things

to be the source of your happiness, significance and security. Seeking independence rather than dependence upon God. Man’s wisdom, not God’s Truth controls you and forms the foundation of your identity. Resulting in worthless, ineffectual paradigms that keep you imprisoned inside cells of

  • fear.
  • un-forgiveness.
  • sin.
  • selfishness.
  • disobedience.
  • spiritual immaturity.
  • unfaithfulness.
  • pride.
  • anger.
  • self-pity.
  • pessimism.
  • impatience.
  • self-righteousness.
  • depression.

Willpower alone— just saying no won’t unlock these prison cells. Only God’s grace and His Truth have the power to set you free from attitudes, thought processes, desires, passions and habits that hinder self-control.

pen_in_hand.274131436_stdSelf-control announces to the world that God, not you is the author of your story. A story in which you

  • do not allow your emotions to deter you from fulfilling temporal or spiritual responsibilities.
  • use words to encourage, not belittle others.
  • consider the repercussions of your actions, both positive and negative.
  • are faithful. Keeping promises regardless of the personal sacrifice.
  • are authentic—not one persona in public and another behind closed doors.
  • serve others to glorify God, not yourself.

This inner strength— self-control is only possible if you give the Lord the lien to your heart. Allow Him to direct your steps.

God is seeking a people— a Church— a Bride who is spiritually mature, courageous and defiant. A Bride who no longer tolerates anything that is not of God and is faithful to Her one and only true Love, Jesus.

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Have a great day! Rita

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