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Today I’m so excited! Not I, but a fellow WordPress blogger will have center stage.

Stacilys blog, A God Coloured Girl in a Grey World, is an expression of her heart. Her authenticity and vulnerability is a breath of fresh air in the blogosphere world where self-promotion and/or image rule.

stacilys_1392949319_32In her own words Staci Lys Dunn Silva describes herself as:

Just a simple girl that is passionate about being relevant and making a difference in this world. My song writing and poetry are ways I aspire to do this.

World traveler, lover of bright sunny days, experiencing cultures, good friends and conversation. I love my God and love my family.

I don’t believe that I have the Truth, but that I have a relationship with Truth and want to be closer to Him.

Canadian, born and raised in Vancouver, BC. I have been working with Youth With a Mission since 2000, living in Brazil and have traveled and lived all over the world–Hong Kong, China, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Turkey, Germany, Argentina, Australia and The USA.

I am also certified in fitness and nutrition, teaching English to speakers of other languages and teaching English to young learners.

Now for that breath of fresh air.

Sweet Blissful Routine.jpg

Are you the type of person that appreciates routine? If not, how do you go about living life and fulfilling commitments? I, for one, love and need routine.

This poem was inspired by this love, actually passion, I have for routine. When I have my routine down and things are running smoothly, I’m a happy camper. Get me out of routine and everything goes sour. My diet goes haywire, my exercise regime gets all messed up, I don’t know how to organize myself, I putter from one place to the next discombobulated. And don’t get me going on my attitudes. Those just flat out suck. Utter chaos.

In thinking about routine and my love for it, I started to consider why this is so. As a Christian, I believe in divine creation. When I look at the world, the heavens, the universe, I see an amazing amount of thought and order that went into making and maintaining it. Did you know that the universe operates logically and in an orderly fashion (1)? We see order and design in the solar system, the animal world, and the complexity of the human body. (2). It’s no wonder to me then – this need for routine.

It seems to me that if this order didn’t exist – if there were no laws of life, chemistry, planetary motion, physics, mathematics, logic and uniformity of nature – we would have utter chaos. Just like me out of my routine – utter chaos.

So again I ask you, are you the type of person that appreciates routine? If not, how do you go about living life? Do you see that there is a certain order in your life? And if you get out of routine? How do you handle it? Do you feel like utter chaos?




Be the VOICE heard amidst the deafening sound of sameness!




11 thoughts on “Sweet Blissful Routine

  1. stacilys says:

    Reblogged this on A God Coloured Girl in a Grey World and commented:
    I have had the humble privilege to write a guest post for a fellow blogger today at “Just Keeping it Real”. Please hop on over there to check it out

  2. richardmax22 says:

    Though totally by accident, now that our children are all grown and gone, the wife and I have settled into a life that is quite routine, with most real surprises, good or bad, coming from outside sources. Personally I have grown quite fond a of routine life.

    1. Rita Poynor says:

      Hey Richard! How long have you had this routine?

      1. richardmax22 says:

        I don’t know. But it sure beats the hell out of controled chaos.

  3. I live my life through a series of routines. If I don’t have order in my life it makes ms feel very unsettled and out of control. I need routine and order to help me make sense of the world around me.

    1. Rita Poynor says:

      Hey Heather! I use to be the poster child for routines and “to do” lists. But on this transformational journey I’ve learned there is a difference between structure and rigidity. The most liberating paradigm shift was when I stopped structuring every minute of my day. This empty “time space” was both my sanctuary for “me time” and “time disruptions”. I highly recommend it. Have a wonderful day Heather!

      1. Thanks Rita 🙂

        I’m in the process of moving out into an apartment on my own and I hope that it’ll allow me the time and freedom to just sit and ‘be’ for a while. All to often I am called upon by others and am looking for forward to a bit of ‘me’ time 🙂

      2. Rita Poynor says:

        Yea for you! One of the things I had to learn was to say no more than I say yes. It’s the only way I can preserve this down time. We are all a work in process. Keep traveling down the road to transformation. You’ll never regret it Heather.

      3. I’m going to keep trying, Rita. Thank you ❤

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