Love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Getty Images Thomas Barwick Stone

Getty Images
Thomas Barwick Stone

It is estimated that Americans feel happy approximately 54% of the time, neutral 25% of the time and unhappy 21% of the time. After review of the “happiness” research, Dr. Martin Seligman in his book Authentic Happiness concluded that happy people:

Fifty years of happiness research suggests that the quality and quantity of individuals’ social relationships are so closely related to their well-being and happiness. It’s virtually impossible to tell where one begins and the other ends. A symbiotic relationship that is vital to our physical and psychological well-being.

All of us need other people in order to thrive physically and psychologically. Relationships provide:

  • the psychological framework that encourages learning and exploration. When we feel safe and supported. We take more risks and dream impossible dreams.
  • fertile soil for the development of our identity. Relationships help us to understand who we are, our interconnectedness with others and our roles in something larger than ourselves.

Happy individuals’ relationships generally are both positive and fulfilling because they:

  • have more empathy— genuinely caring for others.  
  • laugh and are fun to be around.
  • are emotionally generous. Birthing positive emotions in others.
  • share their good fortune with others.
  • help others in times of trouble.
  • are authentic— honest and trusting.

Happiness is contagious. Be a “happiness virus”. Infect others with happiness as often as you can.

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Have a great day! Rita


Be the VOICE heard amidst the deafening sound of sameness!


3 thoughts on “The Happiness Virus

  1. Those are unfortunate percentages.

    1. Rita Poynor says:

      What’s even sadder is the fact that many people would rather remain unhappy than make changes in their life and themselves. They’d rather endure unhappiness than the momentary pain required to renew your mind. That’s what’s really sad!

      1. In the movie “What the Bleep,” Joe Dispenza says that most people have ADD, where they don’t give much attention to their own lives, existing in a state of not knowing their true selves. Unfortunately, I think he’s right. Most people I know carry on as if life is what it is for them and they just accept it, not caring to delve deeper into themselves to reach a higher place. Of course, the ADD comes into play when these people don’t even know a higher place even exists.

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